Hosted Desktop

Hosted Desktop

If you are moving your IT to the cloud it could be a daunting prospect, but it doesn’t have to be if you work with the right people.   Cloud Fixes are experienced and professional IT support and cloud computing experts who specialise in Hosted Desktops, Office 365 and other cloud based technologies such as VoIP and online CRM. UK based cloud hosting pioneers Your Office Anywhere are one of the country’s longest established hosted desktop providers.

Cloud Fixes have been working with Your Office Anywhere for many years and most of their customers have moved their entire systems onto the Your Office Anywhere Hosted Desktop platform.   This hosted terminal server (aka hosted remote desktop server) technology allows them to run Office, email, and their key Line of Business applications and access them from anywhere in the world, on any device.   The ability to also connect to a hosted SQL Server Instance has been advantageous to many of Cloud Fixes’ customers.

When moving complex and interconnected IT systems and applications to Your Office Anywhere the whole process can be smooth and straightforward but it requires a good working relationship between all parties involved.   This is why the partnership between Cloud Fixes and Your Office Anywhere is so important.   Your Office Anywhere’s build and delivery team work closely with Cloud Fixes during the initial transition from on-premise to cloud hosted; but then crucially that relationship continues as the system moves into the “Business as Usual” phase with Cloud Fixes maintaining the relationship with the customers going forward, providing day to day onsite support for local IT and also providing a single point of contact for support for the cloud hosted desktop platform as well.

No capital costs; this is a hosted, rented service, payable monthly

Per user pricing – easily and cost effectively add or remove users

UK-based datacentres – this is particularly important for regulated companies, such as those in finance, insurance etc.  All data is kept in the UK, including backups

Your data and applications can be accessed from multiple devices – PCs, Macs, iPhones, Android phones/tablets

Their ApplicationsAnywhere solution requires the application to be installed in their data centre on a Windows Terminal Server farm (also known as Terminal Services or Remote Desktop Services). The application no longer runs on the local PC but is actually running on a server in the data centre and you connect to the application via a web browser – you actually only receive screen changes – the server in the data centre is doing all the hard work.

This solution is ideal for companies who have a disparate workforce who need to access the application from all over the UK or even the world (they already have customers in Spain, Malta, Belgium, Jersey and Southern Ireland) or for a mobile workforce who rarely go into the office but have a broadband connection at home or a mobile 3G card such as salesmen or engineers.

Hosting isn’t perfect for all environments – applications that are not good in this environment are graphical/movie/video content where the screen changes make the experience poor for the end user, however for the day to day applications that most users want,  their ApplicationsAnywhere solution takes employee productivity to another level.

Because applications are available from any secure web browser (SSL 128 bit encryption is used) then this enables businesses to be more flexible particularly around work at home as this solution gives the ability for more forward thinking companies to offer work at home rights and also reduce their requirement for office space.

Tried and tested solution – this may sound like cutting edge technology but it has now been around for a few years and is ideal for small businesses with multiple offices that don’t want the expense of on-site servers and links between offices.

We already have multiple customers using this solution very effectively and helped them in their initial move from on-premises to the cloud as well as support them in their day to day needs.

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